The Lord of the Shepherd

General Disclaimer:

The Lord of the Shepherd was inspired from the Lord of the Rings. We do not own anything Tolkien, except for some very worn copies of the books. Do not sue us, we're poor university students. Unless you WANT our textbooks, but we think it's easier if you go buy your own.
There is direct quoting and references to The Lord of the Rings. However, LotS is Cinnamon's version of the themes and message in LotR, with some inspiration from friends.

Neko gives credit:
Neko would like to give credit to the paintbrushes she uses for LotS, which were available at
However, that site no longer exists, so she uses brushes at
pretty, eh?

Cinnamon's disclaimer:
I do not own The Lord of the Rings or Spaceballs or Veggie Tales or Pirates of the Caribbean (or Johnny Depp, although we wish we did).
I also don’t own the concepts “Random Acts of Insanity” or “Avril Lavigne meets Duct Tape” or the material WITHIN the Random Acts of Insanity. Random Acts of Insanity (aka R.A.O.I.) are copyright Zika_Silver1/Neko Baka, USED WITH PERMISSION.
Zika_Silver1/Neko Baka also contributed heavily to (read “wrote”) the “Pocky” Random Act of Insanity and with the Raniground section of the final sequence. Zika_silver1/Neko Baka and Veira_666 created the concept “Avril Lavigne meets Duct Tape”.
Bob Malfoy (this is her NICNAME) conceptualized (read wrote) the “Duct Tape” Random Act of Insanity script. We think that she was inspired by Red Green.
We also do not own him.
Hikari_Miko wrote the spell that Sore Man says to knock Ralph off the mountain. Any of the above people and more may have contributed to this piece. I thank anyone who did…
Oh, and Thank You Shakespeare for Macbeth which I stole a line from in order to write the screenplay. I also don’t own Les Misérables or the song "I Dreamed a Dream" which inspired some of the scene titles.

Credits for the Film:

Cinnamon Digory was
Man who dies in Prologue, The Ded, Ralph, King Gruff, Chrysanthemum the Fourth, Leonard, Nasty Gull # 2, herself in the Random Acts of Insanity
Director, Screenplay writer, First camera director, Locations manager, Caterer, Transportation manager (ie could you please drive us here?), Beast of burden (ie carrying equipment), Costume conception, Casting Director, Elp Makeup Design and Application, Prop provider, Costume provider
Would have also been Air Wind, Man # 4, a random Elp, the “dead” face under water, and the soprano voice for the music

Bob Malfoy (a GIRL) was
Sore One, “run-away” dwarf woman, Elf in prologue, Bob, King Griff, the Random Poppet, Sore Man, Octavius, Gaufer, herself in the Random Acts of Insanity
Composer, Beast of burden, Costume conception, fight choreographer, Film conception, Gag conception, Prop provider, Costume provider, Tripod repair crew
Would have also been Nicodemus, Nasty Gull#1, Totally Dead Ded, a random Elp, Woman # 3, Alto Saxophone, Euphonium, Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, First Percussion, Musical Director, and Editor

Neko Baka was
King Graft, Raniground
Transportation, Camera Director, Gag conception, Prop designer and provider, Costume provider, Tripod repair crew, Assistant to Cinnamon
Would have also been The Shepherd, Ellelarondelle, Tanya Bombadier, Random Guy in the Inn of the Dancing Tony, Man # 3, Everest, King Theophilus, herself in the ROAI (Random Acts of Insanity), and First Flute

Veira was
“run-away” human, Nasty Gull# 3, Avril Lavigne in the RAOI, Man #2+5
Camera Director, Hair and Makeup Design and Application, Costume provider, Beast of burden
Would have been Thudas, and Woman # 2

Mr. Goatee was
Man # 1, Beast of burden, Self-transportation, Composer, Costume Provider
Would have also been the man who doesn’t die in Prologue, King Ahab, a random Elp, second flute, piccolo, second percussion, and baritone sax.
He was also slated to play the “dead” face before we decided that that would be Cinnamon

Hikari_Miko was
Really Dead Ded, King Greff, Camera Operator, Costume Provider, Spell conception
Would have been Farmer Hornet, and Porter.

Malcara was
Insanely Dead Ded, Costume Provider, Camera Operator (“just push the red button”), Beast of burden
Would have been Woman #1

Carbunkyl was
The Shepherd, Costume Provider, Beast of burden
Would have been Dancing Tony

Gamaliel was
Gamaliel, Costume Provider

No Photos Please was
Extremely Dead Ded, Costume Provider, Beast of burden

Cinnamon’s Dad was
Camera Operator, Equipment Provider

Cinnamon and Neko's Former Communications Technology Teacher was
Dolly Provider

Firefly (Cinnamon’s cat) was going to be “Minou”

Nibbles (Neko’s cat) was going to be “Lycosidae”

Yourattrition was
Going to be the dolly operator.

Lunashotaku was
Going to take over as Really Dead Ded, Farmer Hornet, the Porter, King Greff, Man#5 and Felecia, but her parents wouldn’t let her

Ruth, Hottie17 and PV-chan were
Considered for the part of Felecia

Kuzco was
Considered for the part of Dancing Tony

Privare is
the basis for Felecia

Also, thanks to the parents of Cinnamon Digory, Malcara, Neko and Carbunkyl for their assistance with transportation… and all of the actors’ parents for supporting us in our attempt to create a parody of LotR

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